O Lenádrio Chucrobillyman - Man Monkey (CD) (5871696740505)

O Lenádrio Chucrobillyman - Man Monkey (CD)


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Man-monkey is the last album from "o lendario chucrobillyman" a punk blues rock'n roll one man band from itararé / brasil. On his last album "chucrobillyman" continues exploring the sonority of the "viola" a typical brazilian country instrument played with his particular fingerpicking style that is himself called as "chicken style".
On man-monkey you can find a weird mix between raw punk blues, b-side rockabilly and country brazilian viola music all of this blended with low-cost percussion instruments as fry pans, beer bottles and whatever garbage stuffs chucrobilly found.

01 Macumba for you
02 Chicken style
03 Nothing to choose
04 She lives in the jungle
05 The trip of Kambo
06 Chicken groove
07 Midnight Jungle
08 Roller coaster love
09 Fried chicken blues
10 Sittin' on Penitenciary