Olaf Sickmann - Annie’s Waltz (CD) (5871763751065)

Olaf Sickmann - Annie's Waltz (CD)


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After a few seconds, Annie's Waltz puts the listener in an almost meditative mood and enchants them with a touch of Celtic music, classical influences and soundtrack-like sounds - with just ONE guitar, mind you! Compared to the previous album, there are two major innovations here: On the one hand, Olaf Sickmann has worked with his wife Anja, a talented musician and violinist, for the first time. The two composed the piece Annie's Waltz together and it is also the title of the CD. And on the other hand, he put the plectrum aside and just plucked with his fingers, which gives the album an additional warmth and naturalness.
Anyone who would like to play the music of Olaf Sickmann on the guitar will also get their money's worth with the purchase of Annie's Waltz. On the CD there is an e-book in PDF format, in which the many small, very personal background stories as well as notes and guitar tabs for all 11 pieces are written down.
"This is how you sell CDs in the age of streaming services! Congratulations!” writes a satisfied Amazon customer. In the last 15 years, the German composer, guitarist and tin whistle player has created his very own niche with timelessly beautiful instrumental music. His works are regularly played on radio and television (including WDR, NDR, MDR, SWR, SR, BR, HR), are very popular in the classroom and are increasingly being used by companies for promotional purposes. Olaf Sickmann's individual class has not gone unnoticed by the renowned specialist journal Acoustic Guitar: "Meanwhile, the composer and guitarist has carved out his own niche with an impressively beautiful tone."

01 The Coromandel Jigs
02 Sweet Breakfast
03 Goodbye My Friend
04 Early In The Morning
05 North Music
06 Sad Man From Dublin
07 Weather In April
08 Deep In The Night
09 Classic In The Country
10 Light As A Feather
11 Annie's Waltz