Olaf Sickmann - Café Rialto (CD) (5871737700505)

Olaf Sickmann - Café Rialto (CD)


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The renowned specialist journal Acoustic Guitar writes about his guitar music: "As a result, the guitar poet presents three quarters of an hour of masterfully fluently played melodies." The Folker, the leading German newspaper for folk and world music, is enthusiastic about his unique playing: "Guitar solo and - and that's really rare - unanimous.
In addition to Irish traditionals, Olaf Sickmann conjures up baroque melodies on his instrument and quickly makes you forget that polyphonic or chordal playing is as natural as guitarists commonly think.” The folk magazine even quotes Goethe as “Stay a while. You are so beautiful” to sum up “Sickmann's fantastic 6-string odyssey”.
And the Lübecker Nachrichten was particularly struck by his individual class: "Apart from all influences, the wonderfully flowing solo guitar music has its own signature - that of its composer Olaf Sickmann. Calm, peaceful music that radiates calm and serenity.”

01 Summergarden
02 Shopping by car
03 The Old Country
04 Sea Drive
05 The Flowers Of Brooklyn
06Jimmy Ward
07 The Silver Whistle
08 Floating Ground
09 Little Boy
10 On The Way
11 Skylines
12 Blathú