Olaf Sickmann - Klangzauber (CD) (5906918113433)

Olaf Sickmann - Sound Magic (CD)


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The unique mixture of Irish folk, classical, baroque, minimal music and film music make his solo concerts a very special experience. Sometimes contemplative, sometimes lively and always warm-hearted and close to the audience, this exceptional German musician presents himself.
Olaf Sickmann's guitar playing impresses with long, hypnotic, interwoven lines and his flair for beautiful melodies. He received recognition for this new style of guitar in 2003 when he won the international guitar competition "Open Strings" in Osnabrück.

01 Flowers of Brooklyn
02 Westwind march/Storyteller's night
03 Ward's/Tobin's
04 middle age
05 Passing the clouds/Grannie's hornpipe/Up and down
06 Changing colours
07 Impressions III
08 Rules/A perfect night
09 Impressions
10 It could be worth/Wasted time
11 Trip to Hanover
12 Scanscoussi
13 Reel of Mullinavat
14 Dance