Olaf Sickmann - New Living Room (CD) (5871685632153)

Olaf Sickmann - New Living Room (CD)


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Equipped only with a plectrum and a western guitar, Olaf Sickmann spent two days in the "Mühle der Hoffnung" recording studio, a 300-year-old water mill near Osnabrück, to record his seventh album "New Living Room".
The result is 17 solo compositions, which on the one hand are inspired by Irish music and baroque sounds, and on the other hand give Olaf Sickmann the title he was given by an enthusiastic concert-goer: "Master of the flowing game". His clear, unanimous and technically perfect lines create an almost hypnotic effect and give the music a very special touch.

01 Monaghan jig
02 The silver spire
03 The old water mill
04 Talking about wedding
05 New living room
06 Floating ground
07 In vino
08 North jig
09 Codebreaker
10 The green river
11 ten minutes
12 changing colors
13 champions
14 Music on Sunday
15 Cold but sunny
16 Still there
17 River view