Olaf Sickmann - Original Tin Whistle Session Tunes (CD) (5871678292121)

Olaf Sickmann - Original Tin Whistle Session Tunes (CD)


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In fact, it's nothing special these days if you're drawn to Irish music. But what the composer, guitarist and tin whistle player Olaf Sickmann has done is extremely remarkable.
At the beginning of the 90s he began to play tin whistle in Galway/Ireland - triggered by a street musician. First goal: "In one year I'll be the best tin whistle player in the world."
20 years, 6 solo CDs, approx. 300 tin whistle compositions in Irish Trad style and hundreds of sessions in Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand and Germany, one thing has remained above all: an unbridled enthusiasm for this little Irish flute, that already You can get it in any music store for a few euros. He has recorded 20 of his pieces on his new CD Original Tin Whistle Session Tunes and has also included a digital music book on the CD. Before the recordings were published, he sent them to the renowned American tin whistle maker John Sindt, among others.
His comment: "I not only enjoyed your CD, I was impressed with the tunes you composed. Congratulations, great job!!"

01 A bucket full of dreams
02 Late night reel
03 No cash
04 An imaginary place
05 All in one
06 west wind march
07 controversy
08 Max
09 A brand new night
10 Nose terror
11 Nice time
12 Olaf's no. 2
13 Maids of Ireland
14 Postgirl
15 Unlimited
16 Heartlight view
17 bike bell fancy
18 A morning tune
19 Furious woman
20 Nick and Leila