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Olaf Sickmann - Still Walking (MP3 Download)

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“My new single 'Still Walking' was created during a phase in which I was in a dead end both privately and professionally. So at that time I decided to give up my apartment, sell everything I didn't need and go abroad for a while to regroup. This decision was like a liberation for me and was to be the best of my life. After that, only good things have happened to me.”
On "Still Walking" the German composer, guitarist and tin whistle player Olaf Sickmann combines classical influences with soundtrack-like music and traditional Irish sounds to create a kind of New Celtic Music. The piece begins with a slightly jazzy, spherical keyboard/piano sound, which is later joined by an intensely played e-guitar. On the other hand there is a melodic, virtuoso tin whistle thunderstorm, which draws its inspiration from Irish instrumental music and continues to increase through continuously increasing polyphony. "Still Walking" finally ends in a hypnotic hurricane of sounds and tin whistle sounds and gives the listener an emotional and unusual piece of music that reflects the liberation described above very well. In order to give the production that very special something, Olaf Sickmann has teamed up with Marcus Praed, who among other things is the guitarist of the American cult rockers Tito & Tarantula (became world famous through the Roberto Rodriguez film From Dusk Till Dawn), an experienced and musically open co- Producer brought on board who recorded and mixed "Still Walking" in an ancient water mill.
In the last 15 years, Olaf Sickmann has created his very own niche with timelessly beautiful instrumental music. His works are regularly played on radio and television and are increasingly used for corporate promotional purposes.

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