Olaf Sickmann - The Green River (CD) (5906917818521)

Olaf Sickmann - The Green River (CD)


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The new CD by composer, guitarist and tin whistle player Olaf Sickmann offers 20 solo compositions for acoustic guitar and tin whistle. clear, flowing,
Lines that are always calm, catchy melodies, an unobtrusive virtuosity and a unique mixture of Celtic music, classical music, Mediterranean music and film music make The Green River an impressive CD.

01 After work
02 Dance without a name
03 Whistleman
04 Old friends
05 Trip to Scotland
06 The old wedding waltz
07 Little boy
08 Skylines
09 The humor of Kinvara
10 dialogues
11 step dance
12 In a book shop
13 birthday
14 Japanese garden
15 The green river
16 Concert tune
17 Christmas jigs
18 In vino
19 Happy jig
20 interviews