Oliver Scheidies - Ich bin (CD) (6790476234905)

Oliver Scheidies - I Am (CD)


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The guitarist, singer and songwriter Oliver Scheidies presents his debut album "ICH BIN". In his texts, Ernstbold Scheidies reflects our modern society with so much witty wordplay and philosophical profundity that you want to laugh and cry at the same time.
With an overflowing joie de vivre, he sings and dissolves the surface crust of hypocrisy and exposes the open wounds of the human soul. He does so bluntly and relentlessly, but always with a lovingly tender look at our human stumbling blocks. Because in this "Show your wound" already lies the miracle of forgiveness, which I AM.
The fact that this "abysmally funny poetry" by Scheidies comes along with rolling beats, exciting arrangements and sometimes also rocky, bluesy compositions is outrageously attractive. Because his grooving band the "Chapel for All Cases" inevitably ensures a good mood.
The band sound of Oliver Scheidies is genre-spanning, sometimes it sounds rocky bluesy à la Americana, sometimes it goes more in the direction of indie, folk and singer/songwriter. The ICH BIN album was produced by Oliver Scheidies and Benjamin Riesterer, who also plays the accordion, Wurlitzer and Hammond organ.
The latter is also responsible for the high-quality and fresh sound of the recordings, which took place in the TONPONY Studios near Freiburg. A remarkable debut album by a serious songwriter from whom one can still expect a lot.

01 Masked Ball in the Dance Palace
02 Star Queen
03 The icy sea
04 Aren't we all a little disturbed?
05 Devil's monologue
06 ostrich neuroses
07 The wave
08 Only the moon
09 Germany, Germany
10 Commissioner (I AM)