Olivier Holland - The Big Ticket (CD) (5871770828953)

Olivier Holland - The Big Ticket (CD)


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New Zealand bassist, composer and arranger Olivier Holland (who has so far contributed to 23 CD albums or produced them himself) has engaged the crème de la crème of German jazz musicians for “Big Ticket”.
Here four absolute virtuosos bring their unmistakable sound and musical skills together to draw a sound portrait that is unparalleled in terms of uniqueness. “Big Ticket” sounds warm, powerful, full; the compositions - all from Holland's pen - lyrical, powerful, emotional, expressive.
Everything comes together in one sound that, with a dynamic range from quiet to bombastic, must not just be heard, but experienced. A desirable CD album, certainly not only very interesting for jazz fans, but also for lovers of well-made and sounding music.

1. Mister Bombastic
2. TingTingTing
3. Bass drawer
4. A New Day For A New Diet
5. Road kill
6. Gez Aba An ouzo
7. Big ticket
8. Medley: Cliff Walk / Oli’s Blues