Ombre di Luci - Città dei sogni (CD) (5871676129433)

Ombre di Luci - Città dei sogni (CD)


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The wrong Italians from Osnabrück release their eighth studio album with the mysterious title "Città dei sogni" (City of Dreams) in the 15th year of the band's existence.
Stylistically, Ombre di Luci have changed a bit: this time, folklore only plays a subordinate role. But the songs captivate with concise melodies and rousing rhythms. The band skillfully blurs the boundaries between Latin, bar jazz, pop, world music, gypsy, chanson and country.
Thematically, the album deals with searching and finding, leaving and arriving, dreams and illusions. Milan-born Giovanni Armanni was again commissioned to write the Italian texts.

01 Lupo assetato
02 Cumpari in carriera
03 Madre Sicily
04 Città dei sogni
05 Ali di cera
06 La grande bugia
07 Italian cinema
08 Fuga nella poesia
09 Ladri sfigati
10 Ombra smarrita
11 La soffita
12 Arrivederci