Ombre di Luci - Cuore d’oro (CD) (5871770730649)

Ombre di Luci - Cuore d'oro (CD)


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Hardly any other band outside of Italy develops the good, old Canzone tradition with rich lyrics and irresistible melodies as lightheartedly and skilfully as Ombre di Luci. And that despite the fact that they are not Italian at all. The quintet from Osnabrück – founded in a pizzeria in 1997 – still embodies everything that makes “bella Italia” what it is: passione, amore, gioia di vivere. With passion, love and joie de vivre, but also with professionalism, charm and authenticity, the band convinced their audience, including many Italians, right from the start
Ombre di Luci have now released their ninth album entitled "Cuore d'oro" (Heart of Gold) on Timezone Records - an original mix of styles between pop, bar jazz, folklore and chanson. Wonderfully ironic songs are sung about fleeing village thieves, delicious toadstool dishes and repentant Mafiosi. Quieter compositions are poetically about people who stand up for their ideals, welcome strangers with open arms or become wise in the autumn of their lives. The bride, who is waiting in vain for her loved one on the beach, comes to life just as much as the band's bizarre experiences on their trips to Poland and Russia or the love that grew out of friendship. Ten song pearls in Italian and modern arrangements that touch the soul.

1. L'unico lusso
2. Il pentito
3. Cuore d'oro
4. L'anima dell Est
5. Il vestito
6. Ladri sfigati in fuga
7. Autunno
8. Ideali
9. Fungi verde
10. Canzone per una amica