Ombre di Luci - Der Blütenbert und andere Lieder (CD) (5948062761113)

Ombre di Luci - The flower Bert and other songs (CD)


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It wouldn't come as a surprise if the term "False Italians" eventually found its way into the lexicon: Ombre di Luci have been causing a sensation in the German acoustic music industry since 1997 - five Germans who could very well come from Siena. In truth, the quintet is at home in Osnabrück, Lower Saxony - after all, a city that the travel magazine "Merian" certifies as having a market place with a Mediterranean character. Right there, in a small pizzeria, Vino e Pasta came up with the spontaneous idea of ​​presenting Canzone italiane in a completely new way.
"Blossombert and Other Songs" is an album for the State Garden Show 2010 in Bad Essen.

01 The flower bed
02 If I were a pirate
03 Shu-bi-you
04 La bicicletta
05 Picante pizza
06 Falso italiani
07 Il cameriere
08 miles cum persona
09 Liberta
10 Buhuu huhaa