Ombre di Luci - Ma dove vai (CD) (5948062924953)

Ombre di Luci - Ma dove vai (CD)


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It wouldn't come as a surprise if the term "False Italians" eventually found its way into the lexicon: Ombre di Luci have been causing a sensation in the German acoustic music industry since 1997 - five Germans who could very well come from Siena. In truth, the quintet is at home in Osnabrück, Lower Saxony - after all, a city that the travel magazine "Merian" certifies as having a market place with a Mediterranean character. Right there, in a small pizzeria, Vino e Pasta came up with the spontaneous idea of ​​presenting Canzone italiane in a completely new way.

01 Ma dove vai
02 Ascolta la voce dell'anima
03 Fiducuia nel domani
04 False italiani
05 Gioia di vivere
06 Solitudes
07 La lunga strada
08 Quel giorno in September
09 Stare con te

10 Samba appassionata
11 Il messaggio del mattino
12 millennium fa