Ostückenberg - Mosaik (CD) (5871797764249)

Ostückenberg - Mosaic (CD)


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"All the beautiful shards - come on, let's build a mosaic!"
This line of text from the title song of Ostückenberg's debut album Mosaic aptly describes the lyrical and musical concept of the young musician and his band.
In Ostückenberg's arrangements, you can discover a lively alternation of elements from jazz, pop and hip-hop as well as from soul, blues, funk and occasionally even classical music. However, all these influences do not result in a haphazard genre potpourri, but are skilfully put together by the musicians to form a coherent picture. This is not only done with great musical adeptness, but also always with audible humor and fun, which characterize the original sound of "Mosaik". The regular use of different horns to reinforce the band further increases their diversity.
However, Ostückenberg's characteristic lyrical and vocal style remains the most important unifying element of the album. His lyrics are characterized by subtlety and complexity; even half sentences and single words give his stories a variety of levels of interpretation and an amazing depth. In this way, Ostückenberg manages to take away the trivial from the stories and to show even well-known themes in a new light. He demonstrates the courage to reveal the limits of his own knowledge and prefers to leave questions unanswered than to confront them with platitudes and truisms.
Vocally, Ostückenberg presents himself in an extremely unpretentious and authentic way on Mosaic. Despite their intellectual demands, his songs always remain accessible, so that listeners are not forced to choose between empathizing and thinking through.

01 Come in
02 What else is there to say?
03 As long as
04 heaven on earth
05 Mosaic
06 Superhero
07 Through puddles
08 Golden Autumn
09 let's
10 Without a clear goal
11 polar day
12 fanfares
13 do-gooder