Out Of The Box - Better Days (CD) (5871750807705)

Out Of The Box - Better Days (CD)


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If something works "out of the box", then you unpack it and can get started right away. This experience inspired the acoustic quartet from the Black Forest and can be heard in the music. With the goal of an authentic recording alone in mind, ten songs were recorded, which tell of losing and finding again and, above all, dynamic joy of playing can be heard again and again. You can hear the closeness to modern bluegrass, not only through the typical instrumentation (guitar, violin, double bass, alternating with banjo, mandolin and dobro), but also through catchy melodies and four-part refrains.

01 Better Days
02 Rain And Snow
03 Forgotten Dreams
04 Callings Of The Soul
05 Lucky To Be With You
06 Water Under The Bridge
07 Precious Memories
08 November's Fog
09 good night
10 Wash You Out
11 Outro