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OX - Breaking Point (CD)


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Inspire, but don't paint. Often positive, but sometimes also mercilessly honest The guys from the Karlsruhe post-grunge band OX, founded in 2015, are concerned with finding a place in our complex world. Going new ways, having the courage to do something and working through setbacks is what they demand of themselves and of their listeners. After the debut album "Rewind to Overwrite" (2016), "Breaking Point" is the second album by the band around singer and songwriter Simon Ochs, who has audibly matured musically.
With hard riffs, melodic refrains and catchy songs, the band has now created its own identity between 90s grunge and modern rock sounds after their debut album, which has not yet been clearly defined stylistically. This ranges from harder songs, partly enriched with modern synth sounds like "Leftover", rhythmic-groovy rock sounds ("Never Wanted to Be Like You", "Going Down") to catchy mid-tempo rock songs ("Disappointed"). . There are also danceable numbers like "Breaking Point" and even a slowly building, orchestrally arranged ballad ("A New Start").
Lyrically, the band deals with socially critical issues and interpersonal problems. The song "Fade Away" deserves special mention. Introduced by acoustic guitars and a slide guitar, it then develops into a real rock anthem. The album, mastered by Grammy-nominated sound engineer Robin Schmidt, is rounded off by an absolutely contemporary, very full, oppressive sound that still comes out of the speakers very transparently. OX has found its own style on their second record and offers modern and musically appealing rock in almost 40 varied minutes, in which some songs will certainly not leave your ear canal so quickly.

01 Never Wanted To Be Like You
02 Disappointed
03 Going Down
04 Fight For You
05 Fade Away
06 Alive
07 A New Start
08 breaking point
09 leftover
10 broken