Palindrome - Bundle these last scattered synapses (12" Vinyl-Album) (5965372915865)

Palindrome - Bundle these last scattered synapses (12" vinyl album)


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“After the Austrians Palindrome released their full-length debut entitled “Profit vs. WoMankind” at the end of 2009, the Viennese are now releasing the EP “Bundle These Last Scattered Synapses”. Stylistically, the septet is quite diverse in the five songs - influences from hard rock, funk, prog rock and art rock can be found in the sound. And the instrumentation also illustrates the broad spectrum: in addition to the classical instruments, there is also a trumpeter and saxophonist on board.
(...) Ultimately, "Bundle These Last Scattered Synapses" is a record for lovers of sophisticated, old-school progressive music." (

01 Toy of fate
02 Superior
03 personnel equation
04 Nothing to lose
05 Sevenmember