Pape - Die Einsamkeit des Schwimmers (CD) (5871698673817)

Pape - The Swimmer's Loneliness (CD)


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Many people in Hamburg know him from HSV, where he and his friend and partner Lotto King Karl have been greeting football fans in the stadium from a crane with the song "Hamburg meine Perle" for exactly 10 years now. This has given the two a real cult status, which is known far beyond the borders of Hamburg.
But many people all over Germany also know him from his former band Clowns und Helden, who landed more than just a normal little hit with the hit "I Love You". This track has been playing in discotheques and on the radio for over twenty years. Now he has returned to his roots. Carsten Pape has made a new album: "The Swimmer's Loneliness"! Carsten Pape attaches particular importance to one thing. "You hear a band here and not a singer who is simply accompanied."
The songs were worked out together and you can feel that when you listen to them. But what awaits you? Can you characterize the album in a few words? "The best thing, I think, is to quote a good friend of ours to whom we recently played the album: The album gives me a melancholy that makes me dance!"

01 The loneliness of the swimmer
02 Twenty summers
03 The photo
04 The feature film
05 That's what the north made of me
06 For life
07 In the maze
08 It often comes overnight
09 Come into our midst
10 I am against it
11 The sea view
12 Each in their own way
13 Time wipes away tears