Paralleluniversum - Ich will träumen (CD) (5871710535833)

Parallel Universe - I Want to Dream (CD)


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Paralleluniversum is a children's and teenage band from Saxony. Small and large musicians have been meeting twice a month since 2014 to practice their own songs. The result is a unique, varied children's song album.
The songs were penned by Dennis Sander - sometimes imaginatively dreamy, sometimes thrillingly cool, then again memorable and funny - the songs of Paralleluniversum are suitable for children, but still demanding and also appeal to adult listeners. All songs are full of energy and fantasy and invite you to sing along and dream. They tell enchanting stories and, almost without exception, have catchy, hit-potential melodies. catchy tune guarantee!!! Be sure to listen!

01 parallel universe
02 home party
03 Fireflies in the cloud forest
04 I was thinking of a dream
05 Nobody will buy me a rabbit
06 Dinosaurs Laurian
07 fairy forest