Paralleluniversum - Neonlichter (CD) (5871769616537)

Parallel Universe - Neon Lights (CD)


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The teenage band Paralleluniversum manages to inspire kids, teens and adults alike with their catchy songs. The lyrics of the new album deal very impressively with the everyday emotional world of young adolescents, the many feelings, hopes, dreams, first worries, first love and firm friendship.
All songs are by Dennis Sander, are full of depth, fantasy and energy and invite you to dance, sing along, whistle along or even think. Many of the songs are dreamy ballads that immediately send the listener on a particularly beautiful musical journey that leaves a lasting impression. The album was produced and recorded by Christoph Aßmann.
Are these still songs for kids or is it already pop music? There is a bit of both, but in any case with a musical and lyrical claim that has become very rare. catchy tune guarantee! Be sure to listen!!

01. Star of Tomorrow
02. Little Comet
03. BFF - Never without you again
04. My heart
05th birthday
06. Sometimes
07. The good gets better
08. Window
09. Move on