Pascal Gamboni - La Ventira (CD) (5871723774105)

Pascal Gamboni - La Ventira (CD)


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The Swiss singer-songwriter Pascal Gamboni presents his latest solo album with "La Ventira" (Das Glück) - songs that sing about beauty and sound joyfully sad, and when he starts his last song "Oh my love I'm Trying". , he sings to us from the heart. His Rhaeto-Romanic songs are also animated, and always carry an unmistakable breadth within them.
From the autumn, Gamboni, who has already toured the UK with The Stranglers, played at the Montreux Jazz Festival and was invited to the renowned CMJ Festival in New York, will be on stage with La Ventira has experienced live, knows about the depth of his songs, this sound is real and lingers on for a long time.

01 Paul
02 Anselma
03 Quei vala ben biè
04 Don't forget the sea
05 Celentano
06 Sleep is my hairdresser
07 3P
08 La sutgera da cungiere
09 Mussa me
10 Hey te
11 Oh my love