Pascal Gamboni & Rees Coray - Veta glorius (CD) (5871747301529)

Pascal Gamboni & Rees Coray - Veta Gloriusa (CD)


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The Rhaeto-Romanic have three things in their blood: music, the Grisons mountains and a quiet, enigmatic sense of the revolutionary - slow and powerful like their glaciers. All of this can be heard translated one-to-one into sound on the new CD by Pascal e Rees – Veta gloriusa.
The "glorious life" (the German translation of the title) comes unplugged, acoustically and uncouth. With depth, alpine heights, wit, a very unique view of life, but above all with Pascal's experimental singer-songwriter and guitarist qualities and with Rees' warm jazzy bass. The original, soft and very musical sound of the Rhaeto-Romanic language, which Pascal intersperses with English according to need and mood, is always surprising.

01 Spargnus amurus
02 I'm On The Roof
03 My soul
04 Jeda jeda
05 Punk traditional
06 Vusch's senz'umbriva
07 Fo in punct
08 Non mi amo piu
09 My Other Side
10 Out of Sight (Versiun 3)
11 Art
12 Il filosof
13 Going To Town
14 Anavos è nagliu