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Pat Fritz - Car Ride (CD)


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Cruising in the car in the sunshine, with friends and good music on board, with or without a destination. To let your soul dangle, who doesn't like that? Pat Fritz invites us to come along on such a road trip with his new album "going for a CAR RIDE" - the perfect soundtrack for it. The Rastatt-born singer, guitarist, songwriter and band boss describes his seventh long-player as “pure joie de vivre”.
This time he's playing with big cutlery: "Less Acoustic - more Rock!" Instead of intimate, atmospheric acoustic songs, this time there are timelessly beautiful R&B and AOR tunes with an electric band sound. To do this, he invited his trusted trio to the studio, professional musician friends who have been accompanying him live for a long time: bassist Stefan "Eddy" Endrigkeit, guitarist Joachim "JoJo" Schlueter and drummer Lars Plogschties played the eleven songs for "going for a CAR RIDE", recorded and produced in the Hamburg studio on the mezzanine floor, where discs by Laith Al-Deen, Peter Maffay, Boy and Pohlmann have already been processed.
"I wanted the songs to come across as this band sounds live," Fritz explains his vision, "the way we arranged and recorded them, with each individual's own note." Of course, "going for a CAR RIDE" transports everyone what the fans love about the charismatic frontman: authenticity, dedication, passion - qualities that have brought Pat Fritz to the support act for BAP, Inner Circle, Roger Cicero and Marshall & Alexander. Above all, however, his soulful, sonorous voice, which is unparalleled in Germany, when the crooner effortlessly switches between powerful expression and a tenderly melting timbre and tells his stories, which he usually writes together with the Nashville-based musician and lyricist Thomm Jutz.
A real successful team. Together they created rousing rock tunes with hit potential like "Mojo", but also soulful mid-tempo tunes like "Green Magic Island", which show Fritz' penchant for laid-back atmospheres and relaxed grooves, as well as the thoughtful acoustic ballad "Strangers To Each Other “, which addresses the current refugee drama. As an encore, the host presents three bonus tracks: With "When I Slip Way", "Won't Go Back" and "Good Fellow", the boss subjected three of his classic songs to a rejuvenation and presents them to his fans as "Acoustelectric 2001". With "going for a CAR RIDE" Pat Fritz has succeeded in creating an album with timeless songs, with fascinating harmonic twists and big refrains that make your heart soar.
“I learned that from songs I used to sing,” he explains. "Because you can only take others with you if something really grabs you!" I rock and put pressure on,” says the mastermind happily. “These songs are made for big stages. And they invite you to have fun!” So ​​it’s time for a rousing musical road movie like the title track “Car Ride” conveys: “As if you’re driving with a good friend in the car, with good music on board that you sing along to”, as Pat Fritz says. "That's pure joie de vivre!"

01.Car Ride
02. Moving on somehow
03. If you stumble
04. Mojo
05. Hearts can mend
06. A fool for leaving trains
07. Green Magic Island
08. Strangers to each other
09. When I slip away
10. Won't go back
11. Good fellow