Patrick Sawadzki - What Is Now (CD) (5871720366233)

Patrick Sawadzki - What Is Now (CD)


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Patrick Sawadzki was born on November 20th, 1996 in Bielefeld. He discovered his love for music early on. Already at the age of 8 he gave concerts at family celebrations or events in his area. In autumn 2013, Patrick Sawadzki took part in the casting for the talent show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" on the German television channel RTL, where he also met his great role model in music production, Dieter Bohlen! After "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" he produced his first album for two years. Now he is a newcomer who goes his own way.
With a lot of passion and enthusiasm for music, he composed his own first album within two years. All of his songs are created in a unique way. With his compositions of dance, rock and pop titles, as well as ballads, Patrick Sawadzki has found his own style.

01 Life is too hard
02 This song
03 You and me
04 Lost
05 What is now
06 Arctic snow
07 Back in time
08 When your heartbeat plays
09 Chilling with Jill
10 The future
11 darkness
12 Flight over snow
13 memories
14 Every day
15 What is now (long version)