Paul C. Schmidt - Expressions (CD) (5871728394393)

Paul C. Schmidt - Expressions (CD)


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He couldn't even stand on his own feet when he was fascinated by the sound of the piano. Almost seventeen years later, Paul Conrad Schmidt, born in Kiel, released his first CD with his own compositions, which impressively show his feel for the instrument and his great talent.
On his first CD, Paul C. Schmidt decided on a mixture of film music, pop interpretations and his own compositions. In addition to the main theme of the science fiction drama "Interstellar", "A thousand years" by Christina Perry or "River flows in You" by Yiruma, it contains five of his own compositions that he has been working on since 2014. Pieces like "I'm blooming in the shadows", "Hope" or "Memories" show the extraordinary breadth of his musical talent.
He masters the instrument with a virtuosity that is as captivating as it is convincing for a youngster. With incomparable empathy he builds the crescendo in "I'm blooming in the shadows", always sure to let the tones unfold or fade away at the right moment. Quiet tones alternate with strong and clearly struck ones. Paul C. Schmidt knows how to skilfully use the full variety and breadth offered by this instrument.

01 For Ronja - sub umbra floreo (I bloom in the shade)
02 Hope
03 Improvisation No. 1 - Awaited Rain
04 As time goes by
05 Memories
06 Bella's Lullaby
07 River Flows In You
08 One Last Wish
09 Interstellar Main Theme
10 A Thousand Years
11 Just The Way You Are