pea & the pees - Golden Treasures (CD) (5871689433241)

pea & the pees - Golden Treasures (CD)


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Pea And The Pees are five honky tonks that combine the best of town and country. Part of the band lives secluded in the Palatinate mountains, cut off from electricity and running water, the remaining Pees in the third million metropolis of Karlsruhe - and that is noticeable. Rough city rock'n'roll and folky hillbilly rhythms shake hands.
Imagine the very young Dolly Parton and a wild, impetuous horde around her, belting out dry Morricone sounds and heavy punk snotty and simplicity. The whole thing is very danceable and surprisingly catchy. It is spiced up with harmonica, cowbells, melodica, accordion, Jew's harp and rattles.
It's music that tickles your legs, makes you want to drink and cheer. Others think they hear an intersection of the Talking Heads, Monkees and the country-savvy Velvet Underground, which completely astounds the band... Pea And The Pees are the newest horse in the Bavarian off-label records stable, which has also released wonderful records from The Dad Horse Experience or DM BOB. Experience dirty soles and unbridled spit threads.

01 Why don't you come back to me
02 When I go wrong
03 superchicks
04 moments
05 New guy
06 Husband
07 Sunshine of my life
08 Naked
09 Read between the lines
10 Nobody knows
11 What to do
12 friendly fellows
13 Super sweet polka
14 Females
15 tell me