Pecco Billo - Nochmal gut gegangen (CD) (5871732457625)

Pecco Billo - Gone Well Again (CD)


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Pecco Billo's second album is here! You were afraid it might not be so fresh? Breathe a sigh of relief, it went well again.
Who doesn't know them yet, Pecco Billo are seven guys and they've got hip hop band. They believe in boom and clack and have some things that others don't have, their own sound for example: Live, winding and playing past the pop/rock/hip/hop standards. That may be due to the fact that you can hear friendship and a lot of enthusiasm here, the band has stuck together for years and hundreds of kilometers, that's "more than the sum of the individual parts". And the guys are quite good on their own, on the one hand there are real checker skills of a drummer who can rap far beyond the feat. The man can make sense out of un - yes, there is a sense of twists and turns. There is poetry, but there is also fun. There's more ups or more downs... it depends. Billo Style gets you moving like Evolution, you can dance to it (... awesome too), you can sit down and listen: Lots of big percussion, vibraphones, marimbaphones, details.
There is also elegance, jazz plays along with it, the horns can really do it too. There's power and snot and distortion when it has to, there's beat and bass and a guitar to hold it. Whether that's hip hop - one can argue about that in peace, but one thing is certain: you have to search for quite a while before you find something that's so real. And even safer: they can't be confused, they are world champions in their own world.

01. My Drum
02. Bobby car
03. World Champion
04. Fill Me Up (feat. Textor)
05. 80 days
06. Billo Superman
07. Without guarantee
08. Terra
09. Boomclack
10th washing day
11. More or less