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Pele Caster - Whatever (CD)


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After years of reluctance as a bassist with the band Klee, ex-"Astra Kid" singer Stefan "Pele" Götzer is back as frontman with power. "Pele Caster" is the name of the project and is a conglomerate of musician friends. The goal is to break through the barriers of pigeonholing and, like "Beck" or the "Eels", approach the music freely. So it goes from classic rock to country and electronic realms.
The first single "Der Laden" from the album "Wasimmer" reflects the stylistic diversity of the album and, incidentally, the state of our society almost perfectly. At his side was the great and definitely most idiosyncratic singer/songwriter in Germany, Meike Büttner, who is involved in other songs on the album and occasionally on tour.

01 stay with me
02 diary
03 The store
04 We have each other
05 You can go
06 Let's go with you
07 Gin and tonic
08 The world is turning
09 Lived tough
10 Don't forget anything
11 hydrogen
12 whatever