Peter Autschbach & Ralf Illenberger - No Boundaries (CD) (5871681077401)

Peter Autschbach & Ralf Illenberger - No Boundaries (CD)


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With gripping acoustic guitar music, Ralf Illenberger and Peter Autschbach demonstrate on their new CD "No Boundaries" how intense and exciting a musical dialogue between two equal partners can be.
Encouraged by the great success of their concerts, Autschbach and Illenberger wrote new duo pieces and recorded their first album together in spring 2012 in Sedona (Arizona). Seven dewy compositions and a fully improvised suite make up No Boundaries. The individual styles of Ralf and Peter merge into an extremely harmonious unit. They celebrate a complex and interlocking fingerstyle that is second to none and will make the acoustic guitar scene sit up and take notice. - A 5-star menu for gourmets of acoustic guitar music!

01 On the road
02 Hot worlds
03 Move on
04 Crystal Castle
05 Drama
06 Nov
07 No boundaries
08 Last afternoon
09 Desert waltz
10 Brain connections
11 Desert waltz reprise
12 second anthem
13 finals