Peter Autschbach & Ralf Illenberger - One Mind (CD) (5871704473753)

Peter Autschbach & Ralf Illenberger - One Mind (CD)


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The album "No Boundaries" recorded by Peter Autschbach and Ralf Illenberger in Sedona, Arizona in 2012 already proves a very individual duo signature, because two masters of their craft have found each other who play together intuitively, spontaneously and harmoniously. This makes it easy for them to take their audience on a journey through sound worlds that leave no one unmoved.
Autschbach and Illenberger play so intertwined that the listener has the impression of a single, large, multi-stringed guitar, where it seems irrelevant who is playing what.
After 18 months of collecting ideas, the new document of this fruitful collaboration was created: "One Mind". Some of the eight tracks on the CD have already been played by the two at concerts, and now this music is finally available on a recording. The title track "One Mind" is (like the "Last Afternoon Suite" on the CD "No Boundaries") an improvisation without any arrangements, all other pieces were composed with great emotional depth and with a view to the necessary interpretive freedom.
Peter Autschbach and Ralf Illenberger offer a 5-star menu for gourmets of acoustic guitar music, because the two show impressively how intense and exciting a musical dialogue between two equal partners can be. "They don't play pop, even if their melodies are easy on the ear go. They don't play jazz, although much of their music is improvised. They don't play the blues, although their music has depth and soul. And they don't play folk, even if the basis of what they do is firmly rooted in tradition. What the guitar duo Autschbach and Illenberger play sounds like completely original music, despite all the outside inspiration and experience they have gathered. As robust as it is sensitive - virtuoso, without falling into oblivion for speed - contemporary, but at the same time timeless. Your game has something of the breath of large and wide landscapes.

01 Rumble
02 frogs
03 Nini
04 Hoedown
05 kite flight
06 Caveland Revisited
07 Peter
08 OneMind