Peter Autschbach - Slow Motion (CD) (5871755919513)

Peter Autschbach - Slow Motion (CD)


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As an outstanding solo guitarist, Peter Autschbach has a wide musical vocabulary and convinces with profound playing technique, great stylistic confidence and authentic sounds. He writes about his new album “Slow Motion”:
In our meritocracy, it is usually those who shout the loudest who are heard. The maxim applies: If you are loud, you will be heard. There is such great power in quiet sounds. That has always fascinated me and the acoustic guitar is the perfect instrument for it. At my concerts I have experienced that people listen to me most intensively in the most delicate passages. So the idea of ​​recording a really quiet guitar album comes to mind. But is that noticed when people are screaming all around you? There was one special moment that turned the idea into reality. In October 2016, the Allton owners Caspar and Silke introduced me to their "Klangwoge". They let me listen to a recording of me playing the baritone guitar on this relaxation couch.
The combination felt so perfect that we decided to do an entire album for Klangwoge. And finally I was able to put my ideas into a coherent album context.

01. Wave of sound 10:45
02. Clouds 5:16
03. Glide 19:59
04. Cross Wind 9:42
05. Slow motion 14:53