Peter Autschbach / IG BCE - Wir sind Demokratie (CD) (5871767847065)

Peter Autschbach / IG BCE - We are Democracy (CD)


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In March 2017, Peter Autschbach wrote the piece as a composition commissioned by the industrial union IG Bergbau, Chemie, Energie (IG BCE). Its chairman Michael Vassiliadis, participant in one of Autschbach's Tuscany workshops, was enthusiastic and gave the composer and lyricist the additional tasks of arranging the song for a large cast, producing a CD and hiring the musicians for two live performances as part of the select congress.
??Peter Autschbach chose his band Terminal A with Marco Bussi on drums, Nico Deppisch on bass and Klaus Tenner on piano, the singers Samira Saygili and Sabine Kühlich, the vocal power of the Ruhrkohle-Chor from Herten and the children's choir Krupp-Kids from Duisburg. Classical string quartet (Marta Danilkovich Vl, Vladimir Bodunov Vl, Stefan Balazsovics Vla and Victor Plumettaz cello) and Ralph Herrnkind's acoustic guitar completed the ensemble. Autschbach himself played the electric guitar and insisted on conducting the orchestra.
On 8.10. the world premiere took place in Hanover at the IG BCE Congress. It was a great experience for everyone involved. Beforehand, all participants were forbidden to talk about it, because the song production should be a surprise for all delegates. The 1200 congress participants expressed their thanks with standing ovations, the stormy applause didn't end there.

1. We are democracy
2. We Are Democracy (Unplugged Version)
3. We Are Democracy (Radio Short Mix)