Peter Simon Company - Harvest (CD) (5871761260697)

Peter Simon Company - Harvest (CD)


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Peter Simon has brought in a new harvest. The singer-songwriter, singer and founder of the band Glenfiddle and multi-instrumentalist has recorded the CD "Harvest" with his new band Peter Simon Company. In addition to his own songs with a current political background such as "Trump It - The Mariachi Song" (obviously who this is about!) or "September 22nd - The Angie Song" (which was created the night before the 2013 federal election and deals with the topic of the financial crisis ), there are also very personal love songs like "Doubts" or "Tell It To Her Now" as well as a club mix of his older title "Stonez".
The CD also contains some very individual cover versions of songs that influenced Peter in his youth and which he already enjoyed playing back then, as well as a Scottish traditional "John Anderson", which has accompanied him since his student days in Stirling. The company includes his old friend and musical companion Xu Schmitz on the keyboards (he wrote the title "It's Over") and the saxophonist Martin Schmitt-Hahn, who is well known in Hamburg's blues and boogie scene.

1. Trump It - The Mariachi Song
2. Doubts
3. Honky Tonk Women
4. The Letter
5. Tell It To Her Now
6.John Anderson
7 September 22nd - The Angie Song
8. The Calm After The Storm
9. Have You Ever Seen The Rain
10. It's Over
11. Stonez - Club Mix
12. Black Magic Woman