Peter Volland - Deep Black Water (CD) (5871673180313)

Peter Volland - Deep Black Water (CD)


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The German rock singer/songwriter Peter Volland presents his second solo album with DEEP BLACK WATER. Currently, 10 personal stories of life are being told and these are reflected in the theme of the sea or water.
The two cover tracks "Ain't No Sunshine" and "Child In Time" are also officially produced, while the latter surprises in a version dominated by acoustic guitar and saxophone. However, a novelty for the multiple music award winner are two of his own rock songs in German.

01 Deep black water
02 no more
03 Stand and walk yourself
04 Ain't no sunshine
05 The ship
06 Dream on the beach
07 It's your life
08 Long way home
09 Captain John
10 Music comes down
11 Hold me tight
12 Child in time