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Phil Solo - Harmony (CD)


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The new album "Harmonie" by Phil Solo is rockier than the old album. "ScheintSo" was a singer/songwriter concept album about love and freedom. The new album is called "Harmonie", sounds like a band and is a sound-oriented concept album that reflects joy and life in harmony.
Again, Phil, matching his stage name Phil Solo, recorded all the instruments himself in the studio. He recorded all the guitars, bass, drums, piano, keys, banjo, ukulele and mandolin himself.
The multi-instrumentalist's songs are full of hedonism and joie de vivre. Themes such as loss and fear also get a positive and optimistic, harmonious ending in the songs. "Harmonie" is an ode to life, which should be enjoyed to the fullest. A positive view of the future can move mountains. Phil's lyrics show that sometimes crises are needed to gain new energy. Sometimes the great love and the new dream of life is right in front of you, suddenly it is there, the harmony that converts all your strength into positive energy.
You can feel exactly this power and energy on the album. In the lyrics and in the sound, this feeling runs through the entire album like a leitmotif. The all-encompassing intention of the album culminates in the last lines of the song Zeit: "Go and live your dream".
Phil's new album "Harmonie" sounds as open to life and as colorful as an optimistic life's dream.
Phil Solo's new album is bursting with energy, his lyrics are empathetically poignant and the atmosphere of his songs, like the album title, is full of "harmony"

01 start
02 yes
03 moment
04 Harmony
05 Woke up
06 colors
07 movement
08 life
09 breath
10 Detmold
11 Sticking Together
12 time