PHIL Solo - ScheintSo (CD) (5871739502745)

PHIL Solo - ScheintSo (CD)


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There aren't many singer/songwriters who, sometimes melancholy and thoughtfully, sometimes exhilaratingly and sometimes with a wink, give dreams, infatuation and indispensable insights in life such a pointed and powerful expression as Phil Solo.
His album "ScheintSo" is a personal concept album about love and freedom. These themes run through the entire work and the song titles are also reflected in the cover. A special cover because it's the picture on the beach in Oahu Hawaii on the morning of a best friend's wedding. The song titles are about love and freedom and can also be found on the picture (the sea, light, clouds and the topics driving, love). "ScheintSo" is the art term that takes up the shining of the sun on the cover and the firm decision that everything, no matter how gray it may look at times, will turn for the better. So every song has a thematically and musically positive ending.
Phil, who composed all the songs himself and wrote all the lyrics himself, even plays all the instruments himself on his personal album, which he recorded one after the other in the studio. This shows the musical range of the multi-instrumentalist PHIL.

1st light
2. More
4. Together
5. Clouds
6. Driving
7. Seems so
8. loved ones
9. Compulsion
10. Joy