Philip Bradatsch - When I'm Cruel (CD) (5871717580953)

Philip Bradatsch - When I'm Cruel (CD)


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Philip Bradatsch, folk singer.
Songs that you are never quite sure whether you should understand them one way or another: Philip Bradatsch sings and plays about life with an unwavering sense of the contrasting tension that emerges from rough, simple songs and a symbolically dense language as it is: Terrible, Beautiful, Sad, Adorable.
You can understand that even quiet moments inside can become loud and small thoughts can become big monsters, without paying meticulous attention to the text. Because the voice of the singer of the Dinosaur Truckers takes the listener along - unpretentiously she dives into the deep melancholy of folk music, emphatically she returns to the here and now - dark, vulnerable, angry - and loving.
Philip Bradatsch, folk singer.
With an undeviating sense of the suspense which comes out of raw, plain songs with symbolic language Philip Bradatsch sings about life how it is: Dreadful, pretty, sad, enchanting.
Quiet moments can become loud at times just as minor thoughts can become monsters. The voice of the singer of The Dinosaur Truckers takes the listener away, diving deep into the melancholy of Folk Music and back into the here and now. Dark, vulnerable, angry - and tender.

01 Pin In The Rope
02 This Time Around
03 Feels Like Rain
04 Down By The Gallows
05 Land Of Disease
06 When I'm Cruel
07 Shippensburg
08 Mudhole
09 Powder & Smoke