phoeNic - Time To Change (CD) (5871733506201)

phoeNic - Time To Change (CD)


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"Time to Change" - With her debut, the singer phoeNic advocates a different way of dealing with our planet.
With the album "Time to Change", composed and produced by Conny Conrad, phoeNic shows a wide range not only thematically but also musically and vocally. Epic ballads alternate with danceable songs and catchy melodies. Borrowings from Scottish folklore as well as the fascinating soundscapes of natural sounds make the album a listening experience - but above all phoeNic's voice, which has the opportunity to show all its facets - from lyrical and touching to rough and energetic.

01 Wings Of Love
02 Time To Change
03 Your Last Dance
04 Friendship
05 Hard To Port
06 Sing la la la
07 ben
08 Until Death And Far Beyond
09 Station Of Welcome
10 Time To Change (Remix)