Piet van Dyke - Kassandra (CD) (5871759196313)

Piet van Dyke - Cassandra (CD)


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"Dylan in German doesn't work at all!" - "Go then!" Translating Bob Dylan's poetry, which was awarded the Nobel Prize, is considered to be extremely difficult - quite a few even consider an adequate translation into German to be impossible. Nevertheless, Piet van Dyke tried it and not only translated it, but also recorded it. The CD "Kassandra" mixes his own pieces with Dylan's well-known masterpieces in a charming way.
More precisely, nine "real" Dylan pieces and two songs by Piet van Dyke - including the title track "Kassandra" - can be found on the CD. The Dylan songs are not simple transfers or slavish imitations, but very individual interpretations, adaptations and rewritings have emerged. The long-familiar songs thus gain a new meaning: it is not only a homage to Dylan, which brings together pieces from all creative periods, it is above all an invitation to deal with Dylan's work.
With his mature and striking voice full of character, Piet van Dyke presents a broad musical spectrum at a high linguistic level, for which the singer/songwriter category is too narrow. Different musical styles are represented, from folk to jazz to rock. In short: Here is a new voice that is more than worth hearing. Kasandra was recorded in 2017 at Blackbird Studio Berlin.

01 Cassandra
02 Isn't your love true?
03 My backs
04 Beyond the Horizons
05 So that you can feel my love
06 desire on shady days
07 The dance of fate
08 It's not the end
09 tambourine man
10 love less nothing/no limits
11 It's over and done
12 The bright old sun