Pils & Kippe - Am Ende des Tages (CD)

Pils & Kippe - At the end of the day (CD)


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The Pils und Kippe project was officially launched in 2018, although the combo has actually been around for a long time: Achim and Marco, drummer and guitarist, who, in addition to the living space, shared their enthusiasm for making music during their training in 1995. With their first band Crossthoughtz, success was not necessarily absent, but was limited. If rock-reggae-ska crossover with humor and creativity were a currency, you would have been financially secure back then. But the breakthrough was a long time coming and finally the step from the rocker existence into professional and family life followed.
Back to their roots, so together again, friendship, memories and the rehearsal room remained. They both visited it regularly and thus created the foundation for their current project. Back then, Marco was slowly starting to trust German texts, also because his English - to be honest - was primarily covered by artistic freedom. Above all, however, it was about conveying content with the help of handmade music, beyond the trivial and with the intention of getting thoughts moving. This is how the idea of ​​a singer-songwriter duo developed: Marco guitar and vocals, Achim Cajon and percussions. Pils and fag.
Said and done. Since then, the two have presented their instrumental melange with socially critical, amusing, affective texts at all kinds of musical festivals. And because the demand for sound carriers grew louder, work began a year and a half ago on the first album "At the End of the Day". With the best support from Marco Bussi and Bino Dola in the studio, the result is a record that they are particularly proud of.

01 Democracy
02 Forrest, run
03 Inner voice
04 Part Time Life Inefficient feat. sofa
05 Good sheep
06 Slavia Ukraini
07 In Your Face
08 Joy and sorrow
09 The two of us
10 Mirror, mirror
11 Everything has its time