Pleil - Die Spur des Kalenders (CD) (5871820308633)

Pleil - The Trace of the Calendar (CD)


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Marco Pleil has been on stages since 1990 and with his first band "Strange" (file under: Pop-Punk) and the debut album of the same name in 1996, after countless concerts, he finally ended up with "Rock am Ring" (and the album later too in the USA). From 1999, after the dissolution of Strange and a creative break, he then released four albums as/with "Cloudberry", after a short single trip with EMI, and played shows with Editors, Nada Surf, Breeders, Ash, Rivals Schools, adventurous overnight stays on shared floors and backstage sofas included. Rolling Stone magazine wrote at the time about Cloudberry's last album "The Closer We Get": "...sounds a bit like trying to think of Britpop and US college rock together. Contemporaries might think of a rougher edition of Miles.”
2011, after the implosion of Cloudberry, then finally Marco's decision to go on stage alone. How? Somehow! Electric guitar & (from now on German) vocals. Screwed together a digital EP in the studio (“Punkt.statt,Komma”), then just played a few concerts, tried them out: stage large/medium/small, café, club, festivals. The concerts will be numerous, including with scene greats such as Therapy? (Acoustic Tour), The Wedding Present, Wayne Hussey (The Mission), Tito & Tarantula and a visit to the renowned Maifeld Derby. The idea of ​​making a solo album matures.
A first attempt with producer Ekki Maas from the band "Erdmöbel" bears fruit in 2 songs ("Zerstorer", "Gemeinsam Einsam") and a DIY CD single, which Pleil eagerly sells to men and women at concerts. "Like Kettcar solo" says the Flight13 mail order, "I recommend these songs to those who love Changes by David Bowie and are open to Tocotronic and Britpop." writes the online magazine "Musicampus". In 2018 Marco then sent an email to Christian Bethge (productions for Messer, Laura Carbone, Violence, Stella Sommer, among others).
A phone call and a night's sleep then the decision: he will record his first PLEIL album with him! In May 2019 we went to the RAMA studio in Mannheim for 5 days. During the production, Pleil and Bethge work in an emphatically minimalist way and completely dispense with acoustic guitars and percussion, only a few overdubs and Marco's doubled vocals fill in atmospheric gaps. "The Trace of the Calendar" is lo-fi, raw and direct.

01 High energy
02 Everything stays different
03 Human Zoo
04 The trail of the calendar
05 On the course
06 Open channel
07 Melanic Chronicle
08 Immediately upon receipt
09 Among sheep
10 no machine
11 Little Man
12 The last song