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Pleil - No Time (2CD)


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Marco Pleil, the voice with electric guitar from Rhein-Main. Two years after his debut album "Die Spur des Kalenders" and the subsequent single "Love Greetings!/Jazz is not an option", the second album "Keine Zeit" is released again via Timezone Records.
Even standing still is not an option for Pleil! That's why he goes several steps further with "Keine Zeit". While "Die Spur des Kalenders" was a statement in minimalism, Pleil builds (in the truest sense of the word) on loops, beats and, above all, on his old love of incisive bass playing for the twelve new songs. The first single "Depressive Komödianten" combines the most beautiful New Order melancholy with college rock a la REM, "Aus dem Off" could also come from an early The Cure album and the second single "Schön Dich zu sucht" is an electro /Acoustic rocker in compact Hüsker-Dü postpunk songwriting. And before anyone asks: No, it's not a Corona album, neither about nor influenced by! It's the logical step that Pleil has to take. Live and solo, he continues to break the songs down to their skeletal form. But in the context of the album, there are now no more limits!
"Keine Zeit" was produced in the band's own "Bear Cave Studio" by the Cologne band "Locas in Love" by Nicolas Epe (including the Peter Muffin Trio, screenshots), Luis Müller-Wallraf (including the Giant Rooks, The Reality) and Marco Pleil. "Keine Zeit" was mastered by Christian Bethge (Gewalt, Messer, Stella Sommer, Heim, Pleil).
The bonus CD "More Time" contains six earlier Pleil songs, available for the first time on a silver disc and remastered by Christian Bethge: "Love Greetings! / Jazz is not an option", released in 2021 on the limited vinyl single, the "Punkt.statt,Komma" EP with three songs was Pleil's first release as a solo artist in 2013 and the "Gustav-Jäger-Remix" was only available as a free download for a short time in 2014.

01 From the off
02 Depressive comedians
03 No time
04 The new cinema
05 son of Zeus
06 The giant
07 The Last Man
08 dog cat mouse
09 And it burns
10 Nice to see you
11 rooms available!
12 The offensive moment

Bonus CD:
01 Greetings!
02 Jazz is not an option
03 dot.instead of comma
04 fifteen minutes
05 ass on bucket
06 Punkt.statt,Komma (Gustav-Jäger-Remix)