Pleil - Liebe Grüße! / Jazz ist keine Option (7“ Vinyl) (7" Vinyl-Single) (6106120487065)

Pleil - Greetings! / Jazz Is Not An Option (7" vinyl single)


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2020. A year that will surely go down in the history books! It would have been nice because of the first PLEIL album "Die Spur des Kalenders", which was released in April. Unfortunately no, it should be Corona!
The (virus) catastrophe that paralyzed the world, made all music releases and live concerts almost impossible or even redundant. What to do as a creative? (Marco) PLEIL was no different than everyone else. The lifebelt flew to him in the form of a grant from the Hessian Cultural Foundation: "Reopen Hessen culturally". But please!
The idea and the plan were quickly made: to top it off with the "The Trace of the Calendar" album and give the whole thing a fresh boost! Thought done! In September 2020 we went again to the RAMA recording studio in Mannheim with producer Christian Bethge (Messer, Laura Carbone, Violence, Heim).
They recorded two brand new songs. The first to PLEIL after
"The Trace of the Calendar" wrote: "Greetings!" and "Jazz is not an option". The same DNA and yet much more mature! Suddenly a drum loop rumbles through the song, it organs and the acoustic guitar, so despised on the album, carefully lurks through the arrangements. You keep developing! Please listen and share!

page A
01 Greetings!

Side B
01 Jazz is not an option