Plöckinger - illusions (CD) (5871831351449)

Plöckinger - illusions (CD)


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"illusions" is Othmar Plöckinger's third studio album. Like the first two, this album is also based on overarching concepts that complement and overlap one another: On the one hand, the subject of "illusions" in its many variants is not only dealt with in the lyrics, but comprehensively from the music to the project design.
On the other hand, each piece is based on a special style of music - from classic to rock, from folk to dancefloor. A consistent style can therefore only be found in the sense of music that is rich in variety and always surprising, which is sometimes playful, sometimes complex and then again full of energy and dynamics.

01 snow dance
02 jiffy
03 mix it up
04 BMO
05 jackals
06 somewhere sometime
07 expectations
08 hitch hikers
09 until I fall asleep
10 sweet magic
11 little waltz
12 Untitled