Plöckinger - Silverline (MP3 Download)

Plöckinger - Silverline (MP3 Download)

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The album "silverline" is Othmar Plöckinger's fourth studio album. Like the last album "illusions" (2020), "silverline" also follows a thematic line in terms of content, but musically it cannot be clearly assigned. It contains elements of different styles ranging from blues, pop and electro to classical and Wienerlied. The two double tracks “dark waters 1” and “dark waters 2” are examples of this. The stylistic variety is part of the concept of this album. The minimalist appearance of the CD is intended to emphasize the central importance of the music. The CD was again produced in the ôbaxé music studio in Salzburg with the participation of Salzburg musicians.

Oliver Uschmann wrote about the last CD "illusions":
“It's hard to find references for this record. This music […] eludes the simple “If you like this, you also like that…” logic. The bottom line is the feeling of having experienced something with the intellect, but also with the soul.”

Othmar Plöckinger was born in 1965. He teaches German, history, mathematics and ethics at a night school in Salzburg. In addition to musical productions, he is also literary and scientifically active.

The music can be downloaded at the end of the order.

01 Dark Waters 1
02 Dark Waters 2
03 Right Or Wrong
04 Once In A While
05 Old Love
06 Da last bus
07 Everything Is Fine
08 backwards
09 Night's End