Pockets Full Of Change - Kingdom Of Your Mind (CD) (5871822110873)

Pockets Full Of Change - Kingdom Of Your Mind (CD)


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Pockets Full of Change, a Hamburg acoustic duo, is the late, beautiful bloom, the good old wine, the important and deep conversation with good friends. Confidently and charmingly performed Americana folk songs - sometimes light and lively to profoundly serious - meet musical sensitivity that is repeatedly described as "magical".
With their debut album "Kingdom Of Your Mind", Pockets Full of Change definitely land very high on the list of the most exciting insider tips: Great songs, above-average craftsmanship and lyrics that couldn't be more relevant these days. You can be curious!

01 Crossing Muddy Waters
02 Pockets Full Of Change
03 Be Love
04 changes
05 Freedom Of That Kind
06 Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie
07 Hope And Glory
08 Happy Mind
09 Charlie Brown
10 Anthem Of The Ants
11 Overcome Our Fears