Point & Die Spielverderber - Seltsame Odyssee (CD) (5871810871449)

Point & The Spoilers - Strange Odyssey (CD)


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The songs that the Erlangen guitarist, singer and songwriter Peter "Point" Gruner constantly shakes out of his sleeve make you happy: catchy melodies that never sound smooth, harmonies rooted in blues and jazz, diverse grooves between rhythm & blues , rock'n'roll and folk rock, texts that tell of the unreasonable demands of everyday life, the abysses of love, the madness of being human and the boundless hunger for life with desperate optimism and subtle humour. Music to dance to, dream away to, build into your life.
Point & Die Spielverderber present their fourth album "Strange Odyssey". eleven new songs that revolve around one main theme between laconicism and fighting spirit in different variations: the art of stylish failure. And yes, yes, that really makes you happy! "Strange Odyssey" was recorded in spring 2018 in Johannes Ehrl's studio in Pinzberg, Upper Franconia, and mixed by Philipp Schäfer. In addition to the regular line-up Point (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Johannes Ehrl (Hammond organ/electric piano), Bernie Sauer (bass) and Tim Kalenbach (drums), guests include Katja Heinrich (tenor and soprano saxophone) and Gaby Gruner ( to hear choral singing).
The cover motif comes from the Nuremberg musician and painter Uli Tsitsos, the artwork was designed by Bert Birnfeld.

"Point and the spoilsports suggest how much more valuable a Dylan without mysanthropic rumbles, a Springsteen without the ridiculousness of his pathos, or a Van Morrison without the Caesarian madness could be. Personally, that's tremendously good for me and gets things there, at least for a while , Where they belong." (Tom Liwa)

"What a wonderful way to deal with language: accurate, rhyming, atmospheric, funny, sometimes bizarre and - like only a few - with his very own style. I'm a fan of Peter Point!" (Dota Kehr)

“I really like Point's songs. The lively melodies, the witty rhymes - that has charm and bite. The love of the everyday, the annoyance at unreasonable demands, the longing for the great, that goes into your ears and into your heart. “ (Helmut Haberkamm)

01 When, when, when
02 The pigeons
03 Faceless Man
04 decision
05 Blindfold me
06 All the lonely people
07 Strange Odyssey
08 calendar sayings
09 When God was just a boy
10 Zanzibar
11 candle in the window