Pomona Green - s/t (CD) (5871813361817)

Pomona Green - s/t (CD)


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On their debut, the band Pomona Green moves somewhere between folk-pop, Americana and newgrass. With violin, mandolin, banjo, dobro, guitar, double bass and percussion, the quintet with genre-typical instrumentation and polyphonic vocals initially creates a familiar, folky atmosphere, which is unexpectedly broken up again and again.
In the three years after the album "Better Days", released under the name "Out of the Box", a number of songs were created that tell about what can suddenly throw life off course (All of a Sudden) or over water (The Light), who present a nature-romantic "Ode to the Black Forest" (folknews.de) with "Black Forest Home" or criticize the extinction of species musically (Frozen Zoo), there are songs about new beginnings (Golden Times) or last ways (After the Rain, Wayfaring Stranger).
This means that Pomona Green's music is definitely not predictable in terms of content and music.

01 All Of A Sudden
02 Golden Times
03 Black Forest Home
04 Frozen Zoo
05 Shades Of Tomorrow
06 Emoji song
07 Waking Giants
08 Fast Car
09 The Light
10 Wayfaring Strangers
11 After The Rain