Prince Zeka - Ecoutez (CD) (5871710797977)

Prince Zeka - Ecoutez (CD)


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He has played with international top stars on the same stage, such as Miriam Makeba, Joe Zawinul, Alpha Blondy, Lucky Dube, Jimmy Cliff, Ziggy Marley and Rita, U Roy, Durlinger, James Brown, Joe Cocker, CeCe Rogers (Jestofunk), Bobby Bird ("Sexmachine"), Lalomie Washburn (backing vocals on James Brown, Shakka Khan). In 1999, Prince Zeka produced his first album, M'Zee Waka, an album that enabled him to break national borders and also made him famous in Germany and Switzerland. In 2007 he released his next album "Maturité". With this album, Prince Zeka presents 16 songs, which were rightly summarized under the title "maturité" (in German: "maturity"): Musically and thematically mature, this record beautifully brings new life to tired ears! It refreshes listening habits, and with it perhaps preconceived notions about “African music”. With his unmistakable style of "Makoul", which can best be classified as world music, Prince Zeka conveys messages of solidarity for Africa.
In 2012, Prince Zeka surprised again with the extraordinary album "Ecoutez", which this time he dedicated to his homeland, the Dem. Rep. Congo. In 15 songs he refers to both the enormous wealth and the multiple exploitation of his homeland. The title song "Ecoutez" is about the daily atrocities of the war in the Kivu region, in the east of the country. He condemns the rape of Congolese women by the "M23", a rebel movement from Congo and the neighboring countries of Burundi, Uganda and especially Rwanda.
Prince Zeka is a highly creative songwriter: he has written and composed over 100 songs, from hip hop to reggae, from rumba congolaise to soul. In his songs, he addresses the complex aspects of the African way of life, both the beautiful and inspiring forms of culture and the cruel shadows of corrupt politics.

01 Congo lamuka
02 Protect yourself
03 Coltan
04 Ecoutez
05 Unakuenda wapi
06 Tschaku
07 Nostalgia bolingo
08 Polé pole
09 Damu
10 domination system
11. Belle Africa beauté sabotée
12. La dent de lumumba
13. congomani
14. Ecoutez pop
15. Rap ​​makoul
16. Kangela Sings Ohlord (Bonus Track)